Anita Tucker Issues & Positions:

“Say that civilization is a tree, which, as it grows, continually produces rot and dead wood. The radical says “Cut it down.” The conservative says “Don’t touch it.” The liberal compromises: “Let’s prune, so that we lose neither the old trunk nor the new branches.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I am a volunteer, advocate and activist.  I believe that the most important requirement for a public servant is to have a true desire to improve the lives of everyone in the community, whether or not they share your view of the world.



I earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction for my efforts to advocate for gun safety laws and to co-lead the local Moms Demand Action chapter in Forsyth County. Moms Demand Action approaches gun ownership as a responsibility; safety is a paramount concern and driving force. While you can’t legislate away gun ownership, laws must be passed to guide society to protect innocent lives.

When elected my legislative work will include strengthening Georgia law to require universal background checks to close private gun sale loopholes.  Technology is available to provide background checks remotely and instantly; creating this legislation does not impose a barrier on anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights.  It will save innocent lives because, sadly, every day 96 Americans die from gun violence.

It is critical that laws are passed in Georgia to allow families to petition for Extreme Risk Protection Orders when a family member is dealing with a mental health issue and is at risk of harming themselves or others.  According to the CDC, suicide rates are climbing in America, up from 42,773 in 2014 to 44,965 in 2016. My goal is to advocate and legislate until this number is zero.

In addition, I believe it is vital that Georgia repeals the legislation that allows more guns on our college campuses.  This law and new, more gun-owner lenient laws now being considered for legislation in Georgia are taking us down a dangerous path to more gun violence. My son will be in college in a few years and my goal is to make this repeal happen before he gets there.



In Georgia six rural hospitals have closed since 2013 and half of the remaining rural hospitals are in serious financial trouble. Georgia has the highest maternal mortality rate in the United States.  These trends must change.

Planned Parenthood plays a vital role in providing affordable women’s healthcare and Georgia must support this important non-profit.  Along with reproductive care Planned Parenthood provides basic healthcare such as cancer screenings for both men and women and STD testing.  Also, Planned Parenthood provides a safe place for people to seek guidance and support regarding their sexual orientation and identity.  LGBT services are also provided in a non-judgmental environment.  I will continue to support and advocate for Planned Parenthood because love is love and we all deserve quality healthcare.

The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute estimates that there are 240,000 Georgians that would get the financial help they need to buy quality healthcare insurance if Georgia expands Medicaid in 2019. To date Georgia lawmakers have refused to accept our Medicaid tax dollars.  This is money you and I send to the federal government out of every paycheck. 

Affordable quality healthcare is a benefit to everyone and grows Georgia’s economy. Not expanding Medicaid is cruel and benefits no one.

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In 2016, I ran for Forsyth County Board of Education, District 5 because I was compelled to advocate against a Georgia Constitutional amendment that essentially gave the governor a blank slate to turn struggling public schools over to for-profit corporations.  When providing the best, most accessible education is not the first priority, students suffer. Through a grassroots, statewide coalition the amendment was defeated. My campaign significantly contributed to this defeat.

Georgia has experienced 16 years of public school austerity that will end in the 2018-19 school year. Years of shortfalls for struggling schools have provided too many students with a substandard education that has resulted in their being ill-prepared for adulthood. The emphasis on test scores does not take into account the socioeconomic status of students.  It forces teachers to “teach to the test” instead of educating the whole student.  The most egregious side effect of high stakes testing is that for-profit corporations are greatly enriched to our students’ determent.     

Elected officials have led the way to the erosion of quality public education, as guaranteed by the Georgia Constitution, by siphoning off funds from public schools.  Vouchers degrade scarce resources for our students, lack accountability, and do not ensure a quality education for all of Georgia’s students.  I will fight to uphold the Georgia Constitution’s guarantee.

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Forsyth County has a big secret that many people know about but refuse to address.  There is a thriving economy built on the backs of undocumented immigrant families in Forsyth County.  These families require food assistance because they are not being paid enough to support their families.  These close-knit families live in substandard homes and pay exorbitant rents.  These hard working souls are afraid to come out of their homes for fear of deportation.  Their children receive free or reduced cost lunches at Forsyth’s schools and depend on the generosity of the Forsyth community for school supplies while local non-profits help supplement the basic needs for these families.  Meanwhile, the local chicken processing plants, construction companies and others that hire people from this community - prosper.  The landlords that provide housing that is infested with rats and roaches, has holes in the floorboards, broken windows and poor to no heating - prosper.

Being undocumented is not a crime.  It is a civil violation. Undocumented immigrants have the right to due process according to the US Constitution. Undocumented immigrants add millions of dollars to Georgia’s economy every year. I will proactively fight to improve the lives of hard working, law abiding undocumented immigrants in Georgia.


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